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Item or Series Title AAUW Lansing-East Lansing Branch
Catalog Number 2014-11-003
Description This collection includes records of the Lansing-East Lansing chapter of the American Association of University Women primarily from the 1950s and 1960s, plus several scrapbooks, ledgers, and sound recordings.

The AAUW is a national organization that promotes education and equity for all women and girls. The Lansing Area Branch of the AAUW was organized in 1912. It is the second oldest branch after Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan.
Collection Title AAUW Lansing-East Lansing Branch
Creator AAUW Lansing-East Lansing Branch
Dates of Creation 1912-1996
Year Range from 1912
Year Range to 1996
Object Name Fonds
Copyright Information Capital Area District Libraries makes no representation that it is the owner of the copyright in any published material. It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright.
Search Terms Clubs
Universities & colleges
Lansing (Mich.)
Containers Rosters 1927-1963
Membership Rosters 1990-91 - 1997-98
By-Laws, Lansing-East Lansing Branch, 1941, 1948, 1951, 1956
By-Laws, Lansing-East Lansing Branch, 1958, 1959, 1961[?], 1964
By-Laws, 1970, 1972 amended, 1975-77, 1979-81, Incl. 1978 Rev, Policy Statements 1981, 1982
By-Laws, 1981-83, 1983-85, 1985-87, 1987-89, Incl. Policy Statement 1983
By-Laws, Operating Procedures 1988
By-Laws, Correspondence
By-Laws, Calendar for Officers 1961
Branch Officers 1970-1985
Membership: Orientation of New Members 1954-55
Membership Committee Reports
Membership Eligibility
Newsletter Editor's Report 1946-1947
Newsletter - Branch 1957-1971
Newsletters 1972-1975/76
Newsletters Branch 1976-1981/82
Newsletters Branch 1982-1991
Newsletters Branch 1991-1998
Minutes 1912-1920
Minutes 1920-1939
Minutes 1939-1952
Minutes July 1952-May 1955
Minutes May 1955-May 1961
Minutes 1961-1966
Minutes Sept 1966-Nov 1968
Minutes 1969-1973
Minutes 1974-June 1979
Minutes July 1979-July 1982
Minutes Sept 1982-1985
Minutes 1985-1993
Yearbooks 1926-1932
Yearbooks 1932-1938
Yearbooks 1938-1944
Yearbooks 1944-1949
Yearbooks 1949-1954
Yearbooks 1954-1958
Yearbooks 1958-1962
Yearbooks 1961-1965
Yearbooks 1964-1968
Yearbooks 1967-1971
Yearbooks 1971-1974
Yearbooks 1974-1978
Yearbooks 1977-1984
Yearbooks 1984-1988
Yearbooks 1988-1992
Clippings Lansing AAUW 1931-1947
Clippings Lansing-East Lansing Branch AAUW 1947-1948, 1949, 1950, 1951
Used Book Sale Clippings 1950s-70s
Fellowship Clippings 1950s-60s
Scrapbook Publicity 1954-1990
EFP Clippings
Activity and Interest Cards 1954
49th General Meeting of the American Association of University Women Spring 1945 on 6 Records
Scrapbook, AAUW 1955-62
Scrapbook, AAUW 1949-1963
Scrapbook, AAUW Fellowship Notebook 1964-1976
Scrapbook, AAUW 1961-68
Scrapbook, AAUW 1968
Photographs from AAUW Scrapbook 1968
Study Groups: Organization/Procedure
Study Groups: Academic Community
Study Groups: Arts
Study Groups: Book Groups 1943-1955
Study Groups: Book Groups 1955-1958
Study Groups: Book Groups 1958-1987
Study Groups: Bridge Group
Study Groups: Cuisine and Culture
Study Groups: Creative Writers
Study Groups: Cultural Interests
Study Groups: Education
Study Groups: Families Facing Change
Study Groups: Families and Work
Study Groups: Fine Arts
Study Groups: French Conversation
Study Groups: German Conversation
Study Groups: Higher Education
Study Groups: Human Use of Urban Space
Study Groups: International Relations
Study Groups: International Relations - Children's Art Exhibit
Study Groups: International Relations - Communications - State and National
Study Groups: International Relations - Group Projects
Study Groups: Issues in Health Care
Study Groups: Legislation - Annual Reports 1954-1963
Study Groups: Legislation - Branch Activities
Study Groups: Legislation - Letters to/from Congress + Sec. of State 1923-1924
Study Groups: Library (State) Fire and Related Issues
Study Groups: Literary Study
Study Groups: Mass Media
Study Groups: Money Talks
Study Groups: Music Study
Study Groups: Natural History
Study Groups: Play Reading
Study Groups: Radio and TV
Study Groups: Reading the Classics for Fun
Study Groups: Social Studies - Annual Reports
Study Groups: Social Studies - State and National Communications
Study Groups: Re-evaluation and Education for Adults
Study Groups: Spanish Conversation
Study Groups: Status of Women Annual Report
Study Groups: Sunday Stags
Study Groups: Survey on Cost of Education
Study Groups: Symphony Groups
Study Groups: Taking Hold of Technology
Study Groups: This Beleaguered Earth
Study Groups: Women's Work, Women's Worth
Study Groups: Writer's Group Vol. 1
Study Groups: Writer's Group Vol. 1 (2nd Copy)
Study Groups: Writer's Group Vol. 2
Annual Reports 1920-1924
Annual Reports 1926-1987
Annual Reports - Branch 1955-1956
Branch President's Interim Reports 1966-1971
Annual Reports - Branch 1990-1991
Treasurer's Guides
Treasurer's Notes/Correspondence
1931-46 Membership, Also Treasurer's Reports
Membership Dues 1946-54, Treasurer's Repts. '48, '49, '50, '51, '52, '53
1953-58 Membership, Also Treasurer's Report of 6/30/54
Dues and Expenditures 1954-1959
Treasurer - Annual Reports 1969-1982
Audits: 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1965, 1966
Check Registers 1956-57, 1978-79
Financial Records: Monthly/Qtrly 1922-1960 [Gap: 1923-24 to 1939-40]
Financial Records: Monthly/Qtrly 1964-1976
Financial Records - Budgets 1942-1943, 1951-52 to Sept 1990
Financial Records, Monthly/Qtrly 1976-1982
[Detailed] Financial Records 1982-83 to 1988-89
Used Book Sales
Activity and Interest Sheets A through E
Activity and Interest Sheets F through N
Activity and Interest Sheets O through Z
Nominating Committee 1953-1962
Community Area Representative 1980-81
Convention Delegates 1955, 1959, 1977, 1981
Corporate Representative
National - Speeches
National - Constitution of AAUW, History of AAUW 1881 to 1949, Charter and By Laws 1953, 1959, 1967
National- Call to Eighth National Convention 1933 (History)
National - EFP History
National - History - Marion Talbot "The Talbot Story", a play, 1949
National - Membership
National - Names Honored 1983-1987
History - Michigan Division - 50 year
History (Diana Awards)
History - Mildred Erickson - Speech 1973
History - Notes on History of Branch
History - Lansing 40th Anniversary
History - 1951 to 1955 Historian's Report
History - Correspondence re: 50th Anniversary
History - 50th Anniversary Summary
History - Sarah Van Hoosen Jones Biography 1892-1972
History - Special Activities
History - War Bond Certificates
History - Women as Agents of Change Awards 1979-1985
History (MI Women's Hall of Fame Nominations)
Branch - Golden Anniversary
Evening Book Group 1941-1954
Afternoon Book Group Notes 1942-1954
EFP Dinners 1980-1989
EFP Named Gifts Honorees and Selection Guidelines
EFP Report 1920-21
EFP Annual Reports 1949-1962
EFP Annual Reports 1962(63)-1974
EFP Annual Reports 1974-75 to 1985
EFP Annual Reports 1986 to 1993
EFP Centennial Award - Pat Curran
Coretta Scott King Fund
EFP Fellowship Committees
EFP Conservation Scholarship
EFP Fellowship Teas
Fellowship Tea Guest Books
EFP Fellowships
EFP Historical
EFP Lansing Community College Scholarships
EFP Michigan State College Scholarships
EFP: MSU Scholarships - Mildred Erickson
EFP - Pilot Program/Part Time Scholarships Proposal
EFP - International Grants
EFP - RIF (Reading is Fundamental)
EFP Scholarships 1956-1960
EFP Skit - Fellowships in Action
EFP Memorial Gifts
Scrapbook, AAUW 1950-1955